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Churches & Faith-Based Organizations


First Baptist Church

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Location: 910 Shoshone ST E, Twin Falls 

Phone: 208-733-2936


Olive Tree Ministry Center

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Location: 338 Idaho St E, Twin falls

Phone: 208-734-6288

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St Edwards Catholic School

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Location: 139 Sixth Ave E, Twin Falls

Phone: 208-734-3872


First Presbyterian Church

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Location: 209 Fifth Ave N, Twin Falls

Phone: 208-733-7023

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Rock Creek Community Church

    Location: 262 Fifth Ave E, Twin Falls

    Phone: 208-734-5268

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    Twin Falls First United Methodist Church

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    Location: 360 Shoshone St E, Twin Falls

    Phone: 208-733-5872


    Magic Valley Bible Church

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    Location: 204 Main Ave N, Twin Falls

    Phone: 208-733-0998

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    St Edwards Catholic Church

      Location: 161 Sixth Ave E, Twin Falls

      Phone: 208-733-3907

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